Would this be able to power BeagleBone Black + LCD screen? Or is there another way via battery?

I found out that this USB battery pack is on sale at Amazon with the promo code: Amazon Link

I am wondering if I could use it to power both the BeagleBone Black and the touchscreen, which both run off of 5V. If so, would I attach the battery pack through USB to the Bone itself, thus powering the Bone and LCD? Or would I have to get some sort of USB to plug adapter to plug into the back of the screen?

If this cannot work, or if there is something cheaper, then is there an alternative to what reddit user foersom is doing by using this setup: image

Not likely. 1A is not a lot of current for a touchscreen and the board. I suspect it might run for a little while. You need to do the math.


How much current do you think I would need then?

I have no idea.

What is the current of the LCD panel?
What is the current of the board with your applications running?
How much time will the LCD back-light be on and off?
How much time will the LCD be on and off?
What frequencies will the board be running at?(300MHz,600MHz,800MHz,1GHZ)
How much time under each use case?

Based on all this, you can come up with the average current per hour.

Based on that you can calculate how long the battery will last at the 5600mAH.

Will 1A be enough at any single point in time? Take the highest current of the board and the LCD and add them together. If they exceed 1A, well, then this will not be enough to power both boards in the worst case scenario