Write data to LIN bus with MCP2003B and BeagleBoard Black


Thanks a Melexis LIN Master and a BBB as slave, I can read LIN frames from the UART ttyS4 and from the SLLIN driver.

Now, I would like to be a master :man_cook: and using a MCP2003B to write data and get response from a motor. The motor is working well with the Melexis Master.

Is there any person with feedbacks? I have just read one post about it: Beaglebone does not turn on - #22 by Anders

Thanks for your feedbacks

Great job on setting up your Melexis LIN Master and BeagleBone Black as a slave! Now, to become the master with the MCP2003B for motor control, consider these steps: Check compatibility, start with basic tests, debug any issues, and engage with the community for feedback and assistance. Good luck with your project!