writing (creating) /sys/kernel/debug/omap_mux/gpmc_ad6 - no such file or directory


Well that’s the idea here. The file needs to be created, but

open(filename, O_WRONLY | O_CREAT)

just changes the error to one of permission. I’m logged in as root, the compiled program is owned by root and runs as root per ps aux - the whole friggin’ world is root and I demand my godlike powers over this thing and all the little roots.

which is a

Beaglebone Black rev C (? coupla month old - seems to be a rev C, IIRC)

oh… debian latest - not sure if it came with Angstrom, or if I want to change. I flashed debian when I got it.

I don’t want a board that “MIGHT” work with some other board that someone else made and where the code “MIGHT” work.

I’ve yet to find any solution to bit banging GPIO yet this code seems to make sense and agrees with other documentation.


except his TestApplication gives the same error.

Same with nRF wireless radios. Supposed to be able to configure CE and CS but it doesn’t happen.

Anyone know how to really work GPIO or is BBB just another useless brick?

Thanks in Advance