Wrong image version on Beaglebone's latest-images

Hi. I wanted to install Debian for 1st time on BeagleBone Black Wireless and selected Stretch IoT Debian 9.9 2019-08-03 4GB SD IoT from https://beagleboard.org/latest-images . Unfortunately, after 1st use of “sudo apt-get update” I noticed that repositories for Jessy are checked. After that I checked “cat /etc/os-release” and it confirmed that it is Jessy installed. So I would like to inform website administrators that something is wrong :slight_smile: Could someone follow this information to right people and ask them to put answer under this post?

This happens when you have a really really old version of Debian
installed on the eMMC, either hold down the boot button before you
provide power, or remove the MLO/u-boot.img files in the fat partition
of your eMMC.


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