x11 forwarding on the BBB

Since i do not have an HDMI monitor i was thinking i can use putty and do the X11 forwarding to my windows box
using Xming.
i grabbed the latest image last night from http://dominion.thruhere.net/koen/angstrom/beaglebone/?C=M;O=D

i figure hey i can startx and then have a nice shiny x session on my win box form the BBB

i guess not.


do i really need a hdmi monitor connected to my bone?

or is that image broken?

maybe all the threads about hdmi not working is related to some x error?

I been using linux since 96 but hardly ever use x windows as i do all my linux sessions via putty terminal

HDMI works fine for me on a lot of displays. We are working through some SW images to improve the situation. Unfortunately, we can’t find anyone to ship us their TVs to look at what is going on.


With X11 forwarding, you don’t ‘startx’ you just start xming, and then start xterm or whatever when you’re connected.