X15 - any expansion boards for GPIO access?

I purchased an X15 for a project that involves, in part, driving three or four LEDs and detecting some simple button-presses. I’ve been planning on using the GPIO pins, and of course the X15 has plenty - but they’re accessible through a surface-mounted expansion port.

It looks like I’ll need a breakout board to provide header pins. I’m not finding anything directly relevant.

Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Some posts from 2015 about the need for such a board soon after the X15 was released, but apparently no follow-up.

  • A post identifying the connector type for the expansion ports (Hirose FX18-60S-0.8SV15), and some ancillary discussion of breakouts that referenced a PCI-e TI expansion board (AMxxxx?), but the conversation kind of petered out without resolution.

And… that’s about it. Anyone have other info? Thank you for your help.


I cannot find the post, but a few months ago, I asked if there was a breakout board planned for the 4 expansion headers on the X15. I THINK Gerald responded by indicating that he had something already designed, but that he hadn’t yet had the chance to release it and get it into the production pipeline.

I’m sure that if there are any updates to that status, the BeagleBoard folks will update everyone on this forum accordingly.

I have something, but not tested. Not sure when I can get to it.


Hello Gerald,

Do you have the schematics of the breakout board for accessing GPIO’s somewhere in github? I would like to design my own adapter board with matching connectors for my experiments.

Thank you very much for your time.


All you need is a connector that plugs into the connector on the X15 that connects it to whatever connector you like. A schematic would connect the pins together in whatever order you like.