x15....where is it?

From Mouser:

Hello Christopher,

I wanted to share some information on your PO number listed above for the BeagleBoard-X15, part number 595-999-0006389. The EMS that makes these for the BeagleBoard organization has not been able to provide an accurate schedule and delivery time on these products. This particular product was on order for a very long time and there is no guarantee that we will ever get them.

We are trying to clean up the backorders for these parts and this extremely strange situation. Unfortunately there is not another source for this product at this time. BeagleBoard and Mouser are working on finding another source for them, but that is no means going to be an overnight fix and there is no way to predict when/if that will happen because of all the approvals that have to be met.

We can leave them on backorder if you would like, or you can cancel this order. Please let me know.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Best regards,

Brad Taylor

Director of Sales

Product Support

Mouser Electronics, Inc.

(817) 804-3842

Fax: (817) 804-3882


Or you could just read:


58 left of fcc "failed" units...


I don’t believe they will ship to the US.


RS ship's to the us..


Do they ship to the US? I have tried adding one to my cart and checking out and it claims the site is for UK customers only. I try to register and the address field will not let me change the country.

I pinged RS and they do ship to US. Here’s what they told me:

Thank you very much for your recent request.

Shipping and documentation charges will also be applied depending on the amount ordered.

RS Part – 887-4764

Price - $252.29

Delivery DHL Approx – $27.11

TOTAL APPROX - $279.40

This article may require an export license, please contact us for more information

Stocks are available as of today’s information.

To convert to order, we will need –

  • Confirmation of end destination

  • Account details and contact information for your account.

  • Would you prefer door to door or collection at the airport.

If you want to place your order on line then please do so on our export site – please register your details:


We look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

Sharon O’Sullivan | RS Emerging Markets

Technical Specialist - International Sales


RS Components Ltd
PO Box 5762

Northants. NN17 9RS.

Tel: 0044 (0)1536 444195

E-Mail: mailto:sharon.o’sullivan@rs-components.com

Web: http://rswww.com

Thanks, I did the same.

If anyone else is wondering, just go to their export site and you can order it from there: http://export.rsdelivers.com/default.aspx

Now to decide if I want to wait or not…

That is actually bullshit on their part. When I tried to order they said that they only serve the UK market. When I talked to someone at the US branch in Texas I was told that they are not allowed to sell to the USA market. I ended up having them order it for me and the end cost was around $335.

I make good money so that didn’t bother me that much. If you are on a low budget arm yourself with patience, boards should be available in the USA soon, most likely before Christmas.

The rev A2 that they have works fine, as well as the Rev 3 boards that I have at work. Now I just need to replace Debian with Gentoo.

I was puzzled to see no EGL support on debian, why???


Special Computing has stepped up as lead US distributor offering both A2 and B1 versions plus related accessories.

Special Computing

That’s really strange, because I successfully purchased a board from them. They shipped from UK to California.

I ordered from this site:



Chris is correct. If you want to order from RS components you have to go through their export site.

It brings us to their US outfit who order it from the UK and then send it to us. It is not straight from the UK. How much did you pay for yours? Mine ended up close to $335 It might have been cheaper for you if your ordered yours after me. At the time they had no US stock and told me that the brits could not sell directly since the USA market is reserved to them. He also told me that he was going to add it to their USA site. Michel

Mine order was shipped straight from the UK. Total from the invoice was:

GBP 192.68

The website becomes: http://export.rsdelivers.com/ when I enter it.


Then I got screwed by their US company or RS violated their agreement with their US outfit. When I tried to order I was rerouted to https://www.alliedelec.com/
When I talk to the sales person he told me that RS UK outfit was not allowed to ship it directly to me and that I had to go thru them. So they charged me for shipping to the Texas and from Texas to Michigan plus other charges which totaled $313.26 plus
around $15 for shipping from Texas to Michigan

So was he lying? or did RS export violated an agreement with their US.

Here is the Email of the salesperson if you want to check or insult him.


He even assured me that it was a version that was FCC approved.