xbmc project wrap up


FWW I banged up a summary/my view of things here:


Although it would be nice to have it work reliably I think the
progress made is a good start and hopefully tobias or others are able
to build on this foundation. It might take the XM to get over the
hump of performance, at least with something as beastly as the xbmc


Thanks for the kind words and I must say its been a lot of fun.
And I can guess it must have feelt weird mentoring a project your not a user of but you’ve been a tremendous help. Same goes to jkridner, mru, koen and atv500 who all have been alot of help on IRC.

I agree on that for XBMC the beagleboard XM is a much more interesting hardware but as said it is atleast possible to create something for the C4 which is useable in the SD area.

Thanks for everything and sorry for being abit offline last couple of weeks, I have just one week left of travels and then I’ll arrive in Canada ready to continue (have my trusty beagle with me :slight_smile: )