XBMC xM and Verification Image


Should XBMC work well if installed using OPKG within the full angstrom
demo/verification image that has the desktop + configuration and the
matrix? Is XBMC in the angstrom repository the latest version? I
installed this over the supplied 4gb card - might this be too slow for
purpose? XBMC crashes before I have a chance to play the Big Buck
Bunny movie and at other points in the interface - only way to recover
system was to reboot - wasn't responding apart from Ctrl-Alt-F4. Tried
this several times with the same results.

Noticed also that Arora pauses the system frequently - no mouse
movement or keyboard input intermittently.

Probably obvious I am a bit of a linux noob!

there are 2 options:

  1. http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/~koen/xbmc-20100626.tar.gz

  2. use narcissus to build an image and check a box for XBMC

2010/9/7 lchile <beaufortscale@gmail.com>