Xcode IDE for C/C++ development and cross compiling

Hey guys !

I’m new to the forum so hi to everyone.
Unfortunately i’m a newbie too thus sorry in advance for stupid questions.

I want to use my Mac to cross-compile some applications to be used on beaglebones, including the black version, preferably with Ubuntu installed on them.
I also want to use Xcode as my IDE.
As long as one uses the nice and tidy templates Apple provides for applications for OS X and iOS everything works as easy as can be … so I never gave it much thought to be honest … but now i want to develop for some embedded systems and i’m stuck.
I spent hours googling and compiling and installing toolchains and installing and looking up and what not but it seems there is some kind of gordic knot in my head :frowning:
Thus basically my question(s) is:
Can someone please give me a hint and/or push into the right direction on how to build an Xcode template to develop and compile for BeagleBone ?
One toolchain i found and installed can be found here: http://www.benmont.com/tech/crosscompiler.html
How do i put that all together to a Template ? … grrr … stupid, isn’t it :slight_smile:

Any help is highly appreciated !!
Cheers, Oliver

My two cents... you are probably better off installing a minimal development
environment inside a VM on the Mac. Just last week i was trying to do the same
thing but there's no decent compiler that i could locate. For starters you could
use prebuilt one that's available on the link above but at some point
you'll need
a newer one and then you might get stuck in the same state. I gave crosstool-ng
a shot but it didn't work for some reason. In the end i decided the
time debugging
crosstool-ng errors was not really how i wanted to spend my time on the project
that i am supposed to be doing. So right now what i have a VM with Xubuntu which
has the Linaro toolchain and openssh installed and i just ssh to it.

If Xcode lets you ssh then you could explore that but i am prefer a
minimal setup
(if this one qualified :wink: and the one i have right now seems to do just fine,


I too could really use some help on getting Xcode to edit, compile and debug on the BBB. Xcode is a really nice IDE and since there are plenty of Xcode developers out in the real world it would be well worth the effort for someone at TI to put together an “Idiot’s Guide” that lists all the steps needed to pull this off.

It seems the biggest problem with BBB is getting an environment setup that can build and debug. Perhaps all that anyone else can do is use the BBB’s GCC and an SSH connection to write “hello world” programs. It sure would be nice to write some real code. Even getting a PC freshly built with Ubuntu is quite challenging to get to the point of debugging.

Hey guys!
any updates on this??
I had try doing this by myself but couldn’t do it as i couldn’t find ssh connection.