XDS100 and CCS v4

Hello everyone. I am new to using the beagleboard. I purchased an
blackhawk usb100 device since it supports ARM Cortex 8 and c64x DSP
with the hopes of debugging the beagleboard and doing some development
without interfacing with any OS. I am not familiar with embedded
systems involving an OS. When I try to load the program into memory
using CCS the the application is not able to write to memory, I am
guessing because of the OS on the board. My question is, would
removing the OS resolve my program loading issues, and how would I go
about removing the OS from the board? Has anyone ever used the XDS100
emulators with success?

You may have to check the memory map,for CCS,it is a .cmd file,the OMAP3530 can access memory at 0x40200000.the size of it is 64K?..I forgotted.You can find it in OMAP35xx Tech. datasheet ,the chapter about Memory…

It is possible to disable OS auto boot in u-boot. Then i think you
should be able to load code using CCS since u-boot
works with MMU disabled.