XDS100v2 emulator problem with BeagleBone Black

I purchased 5 BeagleBone Black boards within the past 35 days with the intention of doing some “bare metal” programming. I have 2 boards with the JTAG connectors installed, 3 without. I purchased an XDS100v2 from the TI e-store. When it arrived, I plugged it in, and the USB drivers were installed. Using Code Composer Studio V, I selected the XDS100v2 for debug, and started a minimal code main.c for AM3359/Cortex A target. The code compiled and built fine, but in the process of downloading and debugging, I get an error message:

Error connecting to the target:
(Error -1266 @ 0x0)
Device is held in reset. Take the device out of reset, and retry the operation.
(Emulation package

I am unable to get past this point. My hardware:

Windows XP 32 bit computer
Code Composer Studio
XDS100V2 (Label says BlackHawk xds100v2) purchased from TI e-store
BeagleBone Black (all purchased within the past 35 days).
External power supply for the Beaglebone boards.

I am not sure what pin the XDS100v2 monitors for reset, but JTAG pin15 (SYS_RESETn) is at 3.3 volts (so the Beaglebobe is technically NOT in reset.
Additional things I have tried and/or checked:

  1. I have checked the voltages/ signals from the JTAG connector on an oscilloscope (XDS100v2 not connected. All have what I would expect to find (all ground pins at zero volts, all power pins at 3.3 volts, SYS_RESETn pin 25 high when running, low when the reset button is pressed).
  2. IF the XDS100v2 monitors Pin 2 (TRSTn) for reset, then that is wher the problem probably is. With the oscilloscope connected to Pin2, I never see anything other than a low voltage. According to the BeagleBone Black schematic, that pin is pulled low by a 4.75k resistor. The only other connection I can find on the schematic for that signal is to NTRST (B10) on the AM3359 processor. I have checked Pin 2 on both BeagleBone boards with the JTAG connectors installed, and both are exactly the same. Thinking that the installation of the JTAG connector may have shorted something, I tested a new one right out of the box by measuring the PBC Pad for Pin 2 on the JTAG connector place. The results are exactly the same on that board (Pin 2 never goes high). Looking at a previous post, another person was having a similar problem. It was suggested to hold the boot button down when powering the board on so that it would not try and boot Angstrom Linux from the flash memory. I also tried this numerous times with the same result (Pin 2 on the JTAG board never goes high).

Just out of desperation, downloaded the Ansgtrom 2013_06_20 image and flashed it to one of the boards just to see if it would make a difference (It did not).

Other notes:

If I check the box to reset the microprocessor on connect of the XSDS100v2, when I try to run debug, I do see the BeagleBone board reset.
Also, If I disconnect the power from the BeagleBone, I get a message that the board is powered down. So it appears that most of the functions of the XDS100v2 /Code Composer Studio are working.

I have only come to 2 possible conclusions from all these tests.

  1. If the XDS100v2 checks SYS_RESETn for reset, then the XDS100v2 must be bad.
  2. If the XDs100v2 checks the TRSTn pin for reset, then I either have 5 defective BeagleBone boards (which I am not inclined to believe since they all function normally in every other way).

Thus far I am at my wits end, and I can’t think of anything else to try at this point. Any help or pointers at this point would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


and no information about a GEL file you used…