I am working in xenomai.. i ve some video appications.. so
need to purchase a board... Thought of purchasin xm board.. does
xenomai supports davinci processors.. dm3750.. pl help me in this

Hi zair,

sometime ago I compiled kernel for beagleboard with xenomai patch.
Xenomai version for ARM processors exists only for 2.6.33 kernel.
Cortext A8 processor is generally supported. This site www.denx.de
(which seems to be source of cortex xenomai port) helped me a lot.

I did following procedure:

- took the vanilla .33 kernel
- applied xenomai patch
- took the beagleboard patch for .33 kernel from some version of
ubuntu for beagleboard and applied over this kernel.
- used Angstrom toolchain to compile this kernel.

I didn't test xenomai on the beagleboard as I couldn't get TI modules
(especially gstreamer-ti) compiled for this kernel and it was
showstopper for me.

If you get some more progress, I would really appreciate if could get
back with results, especially me is interested in xenomai for .37


Hi Maksym,

Sorry .. I was busy with my family work i couldn start wit BB..
I got BB rev C4..
I am particularly working on video app over xenomai.. so i don wanna
concentrt on patching xeno to vanilla n build file sys...
can u pls guide me to port patched kernel n filesystem to the board...
pls.. I need u fast up things.. so i am in need of kernel image n

Hi zair,

I don't have working xenomai kernel for beagleboard at the moment. I
wanted to upgrade to .35 kernel, but it won't happen in the next
couple of weeks. If you really need it fast, talk to some commercial
vendors, they definitely could help you.