-xM Is Now Shipping


The BeagleBoard-xM is now shipping. We shipped our first 200 boards. Those of you with orders in place should be receiving your boards over the next couple of weeks.


This is great news and congratulations! Any idea what the quantity
currently backordered with distributors is vs. your initial production
quantity? (i.e. will there still be some quantity of orders that are
still backordered or should anyone with an order in expect to see
theirs ship out in the next couple of weeks?)

Thanks and eagerly awaiting my xm,

We are producing 8,000 boards between now and the end of the year to support the POs that we have in place. The only visibility we currently have is with DigiKey, which will be receiving the majority of each shipment as they are the largest single orderer of the boards. Right now, D/K has a backorder of roughly 350 boards based on the latest word from Digikey, If you have an order currently in with DigiKey, then you should have your board shipped over the next two weeks.

Other distributors will receiving shipments over the next several weeks as well, but we have no visibility as to their backorder situation.

Also, we do have our CCAT number, so international shipments will not be held up because of that issue.