xM - No serial output

Hi Guys,

Just received a BB xM, Rev B and I'm not getting any serial output at
all (either during or after boot). I've tried a straight through
serial cable and also a USB converter but without success. Minicom has
been setup using 115200 8N1, with no hardware or software flow
control. The cables I've used work in other situations with other

The verification image boots and I can get output from the HDMI
socket. I'm thinking I've received a bit of a lemon but thought I'd
ask here before asking for an RMA.


Do an RMA.


Before you RMA… if you are getting no output at all, make sure you are listening on the right port. using a straight serial cable you should be listening to /dev/ttyS0 on most systems, but it could be different on yours. With USB, I frequently have to check to see whether to listen to /dev/ttyUSB0 or USB1 because my system seems to reassign the board on a whim.