I found this product by accident and think it would be a fantastic
solution for my business. One issue though, the programs i would need
to run need xp sp2. One is a remote desktop app and other is a
manufacturer specific lighting program, which is windows only.

Can the bboard be set to boot in an xp OS?


As Jason said: no,

XP only supported on x86 processors. That said, you can carefully
review your requirements, maybe you don't really need windows.
Remote desktop apps are usually cross-platform and depending on your
requirements is very likely there is one open source app that beagle
could which may fit your bill.
A simple w32 application (as the manufacturer specific programs tend
to be) is likely capable of running fine under wine.

My two cents.


Dear all -

    did already someone experiment
with BB running Linux in VirtualBox on top of windows ?

There might be a chance that BB can run under VirtualBox on top of Win XP
... www.VirtualBox.org (VB is a free software OS-emulator from Sun Micro
Systems and quite easy to set up)

At least I have similar environment for Angstrom on ARM926 platform (Ubuntu
8.04 and Suse11)