Yet another BeagleBone to be launched into space tonight

Yeah, we don’t exactly do the best job of getting the word out about BeagleBones in space. It has been done several times now, including at least one payload upon the ISS that I believe is still there.

BeagleBones have been used as prototype test platforms for several years by several space agencies and solution providers and it is only natural for a few instances to actually end up making the journey.

Tonight’s launch of the Indian rocket (PSLV) around 10pm US Central time (

The payload will include the “Centauri-1” satellite with BeagleBone Black as the main flight computer running KubOS open source flight software by Kubos Corporation ( It was developed for Fleet Space Technologies out of Australia ( by Kubos and Pumpkin (

I wasn’t able to find out a lot else on-line…

I found a bit more about the flight controller computer at

I’m going to try to do a better job at getting folks to talk about such events on this list as I believe this is of general interest.

That is cool!


I agree this is the kind of news that we would like to hear/see more of.
Thanks very much!