Yocto - best BSP layer for beagleboard xm

I’m new to Yocto and trying to build for beagleboard xm (i have rev a, B and several differant rev C’s).

As meta-yocto-bsp now is based on the beaglebone, i found meta-ti and used that. It’s listed as being for yocto 1.5 (i was using 1.7 - about to start the slow process of a 1.5 build), and its listed as being for the beagleboard rev A and B (I though i could at least test with those initially then work out what to do for the rev C boards).

My first image has been created, but regardless of which board i test on the USB (including network etc) doesn’t seam to be working: timeouts during boot.

Looking further I’m confused: several point to meta-beagleboard from the name I thought it was a potential answer, but it seams to only offer a BSP for the beaglebone?

Several bugs are open for beagleboard xm usb issues on the yocto layers, and I’ve also seen references to there being no plans to fix them.

In short is there a working currnet solution for building xM (especially rev C’s) and which layers are considered the best starting point?

Any pointers much appreciated