Yocto buil for PocketBeagle

Hello, we are developing custom system on OSD3358 with PocketBeagle as development platform. We need to buld own small linux distribution. We try Yocto for that, but we cannot boot to that image. We try projects with rocko or master release with meta-ti layer and beaglebone as target. Image recipe we try core-image-base. We succes with build and write wic file to micro SD, there are 2 partitions, one FAT16 with MLO and u-boot and another with root filesystem. Whenever put SD card to pocketbeagle and power up it, nothing hapened, only power LED is lighting. Nothing is even on UART0. When we try oficial image it is working.
We try to write MLO and u-boot RAW to sd card, but nothing hapenes. Does anyone have any experience with yocto and PocketBeagle?

Thank for any advice.

Don’t know if the TI processor SDK (http://www.ti.com/tool/PROCESSOR-SDK-AM335X) for the BBB will run on the pocket beagle, but last-I checked the TI processor SDK follows the OE/Yocto paradigm. I apologize for forgetting the differences between Yocto and OE.

The SDK contains canned build scripts and the FS, but then then if you follow the TI wiki pages, there’s a link to (if you want to develop your own filesystem) which then downloads the whole Arago distribution associated with that TI SDK version, where you get all of the Yocto layers and bitbake. I tried building it several months ago, and had issues with a missing library from git.ti.com. Plus if you’re on a corporate LAN and your company firewall doesn’t allow git via git://, then you’ll have that to deal with.

First thing would be to find out of the am335x ti SDK runs on the pocket beagle…

If you’re interested in pursuing, I could try to fish up some links on how to download the associated Arago distribution if you’re unable to find them…