149 vs 116 Euro for Beagleboard on digikey.at

A week ago on digikey.at the price for Beagleboard was 116 Euro, and a
few days ago when I just wanted to order one - the price is 149 Euro!?

What's going on?

I have already ordered something from TI through Digikey earlier, and
on a price of about 120 Euro had to paid 40 Euros more on taxes, so I
expect on a 149 Euro one would have to pay another 50, what makes it
together about 200 Euros!
Isn't that a little to much, having in mind that EBV has been selling
their EBVbeagle with a bunch of accessories for only 179 Euro?

You will need to ask DigiKey what is going on, but the price is supposed ot be $149 US, so this sounds like some sort of screw up at DigiKey. You also have the option of buying it from Mouser if you are not happy with DigiKey.


Judging from the "digikey.at" in the subject I assume that you are
ordering from Austria, as I did in July this year. I paid 182.20 USD
via credit card (149.00 for the board, 33.20 for shipping), that's
about 124 EUR. Along with the customs (26.33 EUR) the board cost me
pretty much exactly 150 EUR. I hope this helps.