2011 Angstrom image results in Belkin FD5070 Wifi not working


Hoping to get better results on the newer demo image (I was using the
previous 2010 version before, but still with 2.6.32 kernel), I've
tried using the new Angstrom demo rootfs 2011 image.

It seems that after moving to the new image, the wlan0 (and also the
usb0) interfaces aren't recognized anymore. The device is recognized
on boot time, but no attempt to set up the wlan0 interface and to
authenticate it with an AP is being done.

I have the older image on a separate SD Card. When I replace the SD
with the older one, booting up from the previous image, everything
works perfectly.

Has anyone else encountered this? If this has no solution, I thought
I'd bring this up to your attention.