2016-03-27 Bonescript and node-red are great, but...

2016-03-27 Bonescript and node-red are working great out of the box, very nice! But it seems the START.htm link target ( ) isn’t working. The page comes up but the Navigation Sidebar doesn’t work and none of the Interactive Guide examples work (their buttons are all grayed out). These interactive guide examples all worked in the earlier images I’d tried assuming the underlying Bonscript functions weren’t broken (analogWrite() particularly comes to mind).

Its really nice to have the Bonescript functions I’ve tested: analogRead(), analogWrite(), digitalWrite(), digitalRead(), and attachInterrupt() all work without spurious error messages. Only issue I’ve had so far is the default A/D pin used in the analog.js example seemed unavailable on my BBG, but editing it to P9_39 and saving fixed the issue.

Having node-red running on boot is nice as instructions for getting it to start automatically on boot with earlier versions seemed convoluted enough that I just ignored it so I could get started, as I don’t reboot the Beaglebone very often.

Next I’m going to npm install the node-red-node-beaglebone and johnny-five beaglebone-io nodes and see how it goes. Hopefully these are not mutually exclusive!

If the START.htm links worked, I’d consider this to be the best starting point for newbies since the final Angstrom release! Angstrom was limited, but what little documentation existed seemed correct and everything linked off the START.htm page worked as far as I can remember (not that I did all that much with it back then). So far I’m liking this a lot better than the “latest” 2016-01-24 from beagleboard.org

Also, so far I’ve had no USB gadget start-up weirdness with my BBG which had been a crap shoot with most earlier images, often needed two or three board restarts to be active.

Nice job!