2GB or 4GB Image on Rev.C?


Must I flash a SD card with the Debian 4GB Image, or can I use also the 2GB Image?

I have a BBB 4GB Rev C

Thank you!

Well, i list the 2gb image as for ‘all’… Should be self explanatory.

Ah, ok. Thank you!

Then I don´t know why he doesn´t boot from SD Card :frowning:

Also the MD5 checksum in Win32 Disk Imager is different to the MD5 on the website.
Downloaded it 2 times.

In Windows I can read the SD card after writing.

the md5sum's are generated on the "*.img.xz"


Ok, thank you!

Then the MD5 is fine.
Just test now the 4GB image … also the serial debug cable is connected.

Is there a line, where I can see if there is a problem with sd card?
Or should I post the output here?

Since it's not working by default. Try with holding the boot button
down before and while you plug in the 5volt dc power. You can let off
the button when teh 4 led's light up..

All the logging/debugging for flashing the eMMC comes over the serial,
so you could log that and post to pastebin.com and in can take a look
at it.


Hi Robert!

Thank you for your help!

The 4GB image are working, the 2GB are not working for me.

Now he flash the eMMC.

I try later again the 2GB, because now I know what he write to serial port.