32 bit gles capable

just an FYI
I was able to 'fbset -depth 32 -rgba 8/16,8/8,8/0,8/24'
and compile an egl application using 8bits for r, g, b, and a.
So the limitation for the TI SGX demo examples is only because they
eglChooseConfig()'d by requesting 565...
Theoretically one could recompile the demo code and pass something
like this to eglChooseConfig:
static EGLint attrib_list [] = {
        EGL_RED_SIZE, 8,
        EGL_GREEN_SIZE, 8,
        EGL_BLUE_SIZE, 8,
        EGL_ALPHA_SIZE, 8,
        EGL_STENCIL_SIZE, 0,
        EGL_DEPTH_SIZE, 32,