4.4-rt branch opened up

Hey Everyone,

I just opened up the 4.4 branch on https://github.com/beagleboard/linux/


It boots just fine on my bbb…

We still recommend everyone use the “4.1” branch…

But there’s no reason to not start looking at 4.4

as a reminder…


will support “BOTH” 4.1 & 4.4 branches


What’s the point ? e.g. do you need testers ? And what are the noteworthy differences ?

Oh people ask by email, now it's out...

The biggest delta, out of 61 "cape-manager" patches in v4.1.x-ti, we are
down to 44 in v4.4.x-ti...

We aren't going to fall into the "3.8.13" trap... :wink: