4 GByte RAM?


according to the schematics there is a RAM-module with 4 GByte available on the BBB (and also on the BBG). Why are there only 512 MBytes available for the CPU - aren’t enough address lines used? Or what else is the reason?

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That's eMMC flash, not RAM. It's accessed like a disk.

No, when you check out the BOM or the schematic, you will find 4GB DDR3 RAM (which is not the eMMC).

The maximum memory that is supported by the processor is 1GB. There are not enough address lines on the processor to support more than that.

4GB is the eMMC.


It probably is 4Gb (Gigabit) which means 512MB.

That is correct.


It is a Micron 256M * 16bit DDR3 chip