40 pin oLDI Display Options

I am looking at starting a project with the BeaglePlay, and I want to connect a 7" touchscreen to the 40 pin FPC connector. From the schematic, I see that the connector is exposing the OLDI LVDS for the AM625, along with I2C2, backlight, power/ground, and TP_INT_1_8, which I assume is a touch panel interrupt.

My issue is that I have been looking all day for a compatible display panel with touch panel and I have come up empty. Does this pinout have a name I can be googling (OLDI 40 pin and LVDS 40 pin don’t work), or can anyone show me an example of a compatible device? Not looking for a product recommendation, I just want to know if these exist.


Lincoln Tech Solutions made a custom display. Unfortunately, for OLDI we didn’t find any off-the-shelf options. They should be making that display available for purchase. We’ll be using them for demos at Embedded World.