40W error, beagleboard fails to boot up

I am having problem with booting up the beagle board. It was working
very well few weeks back but suddenly it stopped working and the error
it shows is 40W. I created the dual partition SD card with the boot
partition being FAT system. I tried with FAT32, FAT, FAT16 and FAT12
one after another and then copied the boot files in the right order as
mentioned in the manual but it simply doesn't start up the board. I
even tried changing the SD card but it did not work. All I can think
about right now is that the OMAP processor is not working. Can someone
help me with some suggestions?


Did you format the SD card such that it is bootable by using the correct tools?


You might try using an exact card image, like http://code.google.com/p/beagleboard/wiki/BeagleBoardDiagnosticsNext.