46 position female stackable header ?

I could use a 46 position female stackable header to make some
distance between the BBB and my own PCB. This header is hard to find.
There is SSHQ-123-D-08-F-LF made by MLE however it is not for sale -
as far as I can tell - in the distributors we already have an account
with (Digikey, Mouser, Farnell, Avnet, RS).

Does anybody know of any other manufacturer of this part that is
available in one of the distributors above?

Digikey lists this part as sold by Adafruit but it is out of stock,
and it does not appear in the Adafruit website, so I guess it won't be
available any time soon.

If you look on the Adafruit site for 2x43 female stackable headers, you will find that they are in stock.

Stacking Header Set for Beagle Bone Capes (2x23)PRODUCT ID: 706


— Graham

Thanks Graham. Somehow I missed that page. That said, the Adafruit
list of distributors at the end of that page does not include any of
the distributors we have an account with (Digikey, Mouser, Farnell,
Avnet, RS). But no worries, I will think of something.

Thanks again.

Less than ideal, but can’t you take shorter headers and put them end-to-end? (Ok for a few, if not for serious production…)

I tried a part similar to the one below, which has short legs. The
problem is that the legs are not just short but also thin. I thought I
had good electrical contact and it turned out I had not. The products
with short legs are meant to be soldered to PCBs, they are not meant
to be stackble.


The main reason why I need spacers is because the FTDI cable that I
connect to UART0 for debug purposes needs it. I have not checked if
there is another FTDI cable that would fit. The cable I am using was
bought by a colleague for purposes other than BBB development.

If the BBB had a right-angle connector (such as in the link below)
then a spacer might not be needed, however I am not sure if that would
not cause other problems such as electrical noise or issues with EMC
compliance. That may be the reason why a straight up connector is
fitted in the BBB.


I have installed right angle connectors on most of my BBB, so that the serial console connector comes out the bottom of the board.

Works fine. You do need to know how to solder to do this, without hurting the board. It will no longer fit in a case when you bring

the right angle serial console connector out the bottom of the board, but is great for development on an open bench.

— Graham

Thanks Graham. Good to know that it works. Putting the connector on
the bottom side would suit me too. I would never attempt to solder it
myself, as I am not good at that, but I can ask a colleague in the
hardware department.

If you don't mind would you please send me the URL for the part you are using?

For development, I usually buy “breakaway” headers, then break off how ever many pins I need, in this case 6.
For production, you buy the exact count.

Everyone makes them, but here is an example:

Manufacturer: 3M, stick of 36 breakaway right angle.

Gold Plated contacts:
Mouser Part #: 517-550-01-36
Manufacturer Part #: 929550-01-36-I

or Tin Plated Contacts:
Mouser Part #: 517-500-01-36
Manufacturer Part #: 929500-01-36

You should probably buy some straight pinned sticks at the same time.
Always handy for connectorizing design projects

— Graham

Thanks, Graham.

I have to say that the BB community is great, full of helpful and
knowledgeable people – though I am probably just stating the obvious!