4D 4.3" Display Cape and Debian 8.3 Image compatability

Good afternoon.

I am upgrading a course I teach to use the Debian 8.3 image that was released in January. In the course, we use the 4D Systems 4.3" cape as a touchscreen, and I am having difficulty getting it to work with the 8.3 Debian release. My larger displays plug in and work fine, but the smaller displays do not display anything. For right now I am booting off of a uSD, though eventually I’m going to reflash the board itself. I’m sure it’s a simple config issue somewhere; I’m just not sure where to look. I tried a few of the things mentioned in older posts (i.e. June 2015 or so) but did not necessarily have any success (and I would have figured those changes would have made it into the January 2016 release.

Any ideas?



Well how does:






Let me grab that one and see if it works better.


To quote Apollo 13: “you, sir, are a steely-eyed missile man!”

Works like a charm now. Now to determine whether I want to change the image I give my students or have them make this change when they first start using it. That’s the $2000 question.

Thanks for helping with the obvious!



BTW, don't get "too" attached to that image.. (i have a replacement
being generated right now..)

I just landed some patches today to utilize:


for nodejs v0.12.x

That's the really only change from last sunday's. it add's an
additional repo in /etc/apt/sources.list...


btw did the touch screen calibration actually works this time on first bootup?

We still need to tweak the filter on the v4.1.x adc/touchscreen driver..


I forgot to followup on this after seeing it multiple times. Touchscreen calibration still seems flaky. Sometimes it works for me. Other times not.