4DSystem 4.3" LCD CAPE

Dear All:
Just got a 4Dsystem 4" CAPE LCD for my BBB- It is running Debian Wheezy nicely and I have some basic features installed (Xorg, openbox, tightVNC and that´s it).
I need the Console Display in PORTRAIT mode while using Xorg but since Debian Wheezy there is no Xorg.conf file …
Tryed several optinos without success…
If there is anybody who can help me with the Display management for the combination BBB and Debian Wheezy will be GREAT.
Any assistance will be very appreciated !
All the best.
Nelson –

try xrandr, if the device driver supports it it should work. But re-reading
your question, do you mean console (which does not use X) in which case you
will need something else, or do you mean the screen with graphical application
windows on it (Qt or other apps), in which case xrandr is the right tool.

There have been previous discussions on this, so a bit of googling might help.


Dear David:

xrandr does not work, seems to be a limitation of the driver/hardware of the CAPE.
I prefer to have the console rotated in PORTRAIT mode from the startup and work everything there, I simply do not know how to do it.
In Raspberry is as simple as going to the FAT partition and editing config.txt but here with the Wheezy… it is not so trivial.
Again, thanks a lot.

I think if you google the previous times this was asked, someone came
up with something you could either put in an abreviated xorg.conf (you
only specify the bits that are not to be defaulted) or that you could
put on the kernel startup command.


A bit confusing here, in order to put the CONSOLE display into different modes, your kernel will need to have been compiled with

To check on that, extract /proc/config.gz into a writable directory and use your favorite editory[I prefer nano] to search for the option. If it is there you can force manual rotation by doing:
echo 1 > /sys/class/graphics/fbcon/rotate



For rotation in xrandr, it seems there has been some ongoing problems with it when using the omapfb driver, it works for omap4 but not omap3 - or sometimes you can use boot arguements to force the rotation. See

X is a bit of a moving target as there are a lot of features in the latest release, but it takes a long time for distributions to update the X drivers.

Sorry I can’t help more, an LCD cape is something I’d like eventually, but right now I’m fine with my hdmi monitor so I’m not playing with…and even if I was it would be in ubuntu.

Dear Gary :

I thank you very much for this clarifying answer indeed.

Will give a try and share results with you.

The last word in your text is inspiring and wise- “ubuntu”_

So far, I have just installed a fresh image and will see.

Boot was nice and worked first time, also console with the CAPE worked perfect.

Now i will install LXDE and development tools to see how goes it.

I have no experience at all with ubuntu, but feeling is very good.

With my best regards,