8 Port Switch in AI64?

Perusing the TDA4VM docs indicates that it has an 8-port ethernet switch embedded in the processor? Even more interesting it appears each port supports 2.5Gb…

Further to this, the u-boot docs indicate there is firmware that can run on R5 (Main domain) for this. Yet, in above datasheet it also mentions another 8-port switch in Safety MCU domain? Is this same switch that both domains share? Or are they unique to each domain?

Obviously the BB-AI64 layout doesn’t make use of these, but would they be accessible via a shield? If and when we can all figure out how to get R5 firmware running in Safety MCU, it would be very interesting to have 1 Eth port for Main domain and another for Safety MCU…

Further it appears the “Safety MCU Domain” either has access to this switch or has its own ethernet switch


From more investigation there is an application note on TI website that goes into more detail about this:

Enabling MAC2MAC: https://www.ti.com/lit/pdf/sprad07

Where is says:

… the SoC comes with integrated CPSW9G and CPSW2G interfaces. CPSW is the abbreviation of Common Platform Ethernet Switch. From DRA829/TDA4 architecture, CPSW9G is in Main domain, and CPSW2G is in MCU domain. CPSW9G has 9 ports: 8 are physical ports, and one is a software port interfacing with the CPU core. Similarly, CPSW2G has two ports: one for the CPU core, and the other a physical port.

Therefore it appears that Main domain could support full 8x switch ports, while the Safety MCU could have a single port available. So certainly it appears you could have a “management network” which the Safety MCU communicated on, while the Main domain used its own separate network…

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