A case for Beagle -XM Rev C

Thanks! I just ordered one.

I received my BeagleBoard-xM Rev C case parts yesterday. Fast shipping as I ordered it only 2 days before. It all assembled easily. I was happy to see there are button extensions for User and Reset. All standard ports are nicely accessible including the 5 bottom expansion connectors. The microSD card is easy to eject and insert. The only cons are there are no cut-outs for the top camera, JTAG, and J2 connectors. I do not use any of these.

For a low cost of $12 the case is high quality, looks great, it assembles easily, and all the port names are engraved in the acrylic case.


A $39 metal doghouse enclosure might be more practical for an installed application but for my development purposes a clear case is beautiful!

Thanks for the sharing!


Glad that it helped.