a couple patches i whipped up for current u-boot for BBB

as i was playing with the current git repo of u-boot for my BBB, i
ended up having to apply a couple small patches, if anyone was trying
the same and ran into issues:

diff --git a/include/configs/am335x_evm.h b/include/configs/am335x_evm.h
index e0a87f8..977013c 100644
--- a/include/configs/am335x_evm.h
+++ b/include/configs/am335x_evm.h
@@ -132,7 +132,9 @@
         "echo Running uenvcmd ...;" \
         "run uenvcmd;" \
       "fi;" \
- "run mmcloados;" \
+ "if run loaduimage; then " \
+ "run mmcloados;" \
+ "fi;" \
     "fi;\0" \
   "spiboot=echo Booting from spi ...; " \
     "run spiargs; " \
@@ -168,6 +170,7 @@
   "run mmcboot;" \
   "setenv mmcdev 1; " \
   "setenv bootpart 1:2; " \
+ "setenv mmcroot /dev/mmcblk1p2 ro; " \
   "run mmcboot;" \
   "run nandboot;"

  that first snippet fixes some *obvious* breakage, where someone who
was refactoring header file stuff simply dropped the actual kernel
load operation, whereupon you will always get an error that the kernel
image is the wrong format (because it was just never loaded into RAM).

  the second snippet is for the part of the boot command such that, if
you try and boot off of mmc dev 0 and that fails, the command switches
to try mmc dev 1, but to be consistent, it should also try to mount
the root filesystem off of that mmc device as well (IMHO).

  thoughts? feedback?