A lot of error messages like: "cdns-mhdp8546 a000000.dp-bridge"

Hi, I am running the recommended image for the BBAI64,
I get a lot of error messages like these:

[  296.846852] cdns-mhdp8546 a000000.dp-bridge: get block[0] edid failed: -22
[  296.853723] cdns-mhdp8546 a000000.dp-bridge: Failed to read EDID
[  297.042657] cdns-mhdp8546 a000000.dp-bridge: Failed to read receiver capabilities

. what is this ?
. is it possible to get rid of them ? They are polluting my serial console so much that i can’t type


Looks like display panel stuff. Have you got a monitor connected ?
EDID is to do with getting monitor resolutions.

Not seen that on my board, but I am using it headless.

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Yes, that driver is a little noisy… do you have something plugged into the miniDisplayport?


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yes, i confirm it is related to the screen.
removing the miniDisplay connected cable the error message goes away.
Indeed i have issues with the screen also. I will open another thread for that.