a pre-class "getting started with BBB" page

once again, having been dragged away on another project for a while,
i'm in the position of frantically catching up with all of RCN's
latest BBB-related coolness so ... first ...

  for the sake of upcoming classes that will incorporate a BBB for
teaching embedded linux or device drivers, i want to put together a
really condensed page i can send to students ahead of time to get them
to at least plug in their BBBs, download a bootable image, boot it,
then flash it so that, by the time i arrive, everyone has
(theoretically) the same contents on their BBBs.

  it won't *need* a graphical front-end to start with, but i have no
problem suggesting one as long as its flasher image fits on a 2G
version of the BBB. ideally, i want to send instructions that will

* a simple bootable image (with a fairly recent kernel) that students
  can boot
* the corresponding flasher image to reflash their unit
* the ability to, once class starts, walk through *building* the
  corresponding content

  so, ahead of time, i expect nothing more than booting and reflashing
while, once class starts, it would be great to then work through where
all that content came from and have the students build it themselves
to get back to the same place.

  i'm guessing the best place to choose an image is here:


say, the 2G bone-debian-7.8 console or lxde images, for which exist
both the normal bootable image and the equivalent flasher image,
correct? or the testing images would probably be fine as well -- i
don't need full cape functionality but a current kernel would be nice.


  another note coming up about some elinux.org pages ...