A Problem with PPP of Android on Beagleboard

Hi all,

    I run Android on my beagleboard(B6). I connect a modem with
beagleboard and try to make PPP data connection works on Android. But
i see a problem in ppp negotiation stage that is beagleboard can send
LCP request data to modem, but can not receive any response from
modem. The modem i use is from Huawei and it works fine on my
laptop. So i think maybe the issue is from beagleboard. I have used
the USB analyzer to catch the data between beagleboard and modem and
the result is there are data sent from beagle to modem, but no data

I suppose the problem is the linux kernel is not configured well. I
have chosen some options in USB support directory based on default
config for beagle (omap3_beagle_android_defconfig), such as:

USB serial converter --> USB serial for GSM and CDMA modem
Driver Mode--> USB Host

Does somebody know is there any other options i should choose to solve
this problem.