A ramdisk image with MTD Utils?

To whom it may concern,

  Is there a BeagleBoard ramdisk image that already has MTD utils?
Where can I download it?

  I was able to cross compile MTD utils and generate the binaries.
However. When I tried to run 'flash_eraseall'
or 'nandwrite' on the beagleboard, the following error message was

  nandwrite: /lib/libc.so.6: version 'GLIBC_2..7' not found (required
by nandwrite)

  So the binaries are not compatible with the ramdisk (which results
in a file system) I put on the SD card.
The ramdisk image is from Beagleborad site (rev 3).

  I tried to build MTD utils with static libraries but it was