A USB OTG host problem.


I just got my Beagle Board and I am having a problem connecting
devices to the USB OTG port. (I have the revB7 board, so no dedicated
host port.)

When I plug in a new usb device, I get the errors:
"device descriptor read/64, error -71" and
"trying to suspend as a_host is_active"

The board seems to keep trying to connect the device, changing address
each time.

I had to use a wire to jumper between pins 5 and 4 of the mini-usb
port because the cable I got did not seem to do this internally.

I used the newest demo Angstrom image off of the angstrom-
distribution.org site.

I would appreciate any help as I am just learning about embedded linux
and am not experienced at troubleshooting.