About the Device Tree

I have written a technical note which attempts to provide some insights into the workings of the Device Tree.


This document is the one I would have liked to have been able to read when I was trying to figure it all out. Once I thought I had got a reasonable grip on the goings-on in the Device Tree I wrote it all down in the thought that it might clarify things a bit for others.

Thank you very much Nic for this document. Really like it and think it
would be very useful not only for BB users but in general those who
start their adventure with device tree :slight_smile: .

Thank you very much!

Nice Work !

  • well written, and organized.

worthy of a sticky … or something


Thank you for writing and sharing that document.

The way that the BBB changes and modifies the Device Tree is a moving target.

I can see that that this document will need to be extended for the dtb-rebuilder and
the coming ChangeSets.

I wish I had this document six months ago.

— Graham

hopefully dtb-rebuilder won't be needed to much longer .:wink:



Just after I figured out how to use it … .

I like the method better than device tree overlays.

I hope ChangeSets is better yet.

— Graham