Accessing using VNC

   Using VNC, I'm trying to connect to Angström on BeagleBoard. On
BeagleBoard, the package x11vnc is installed. And the vncserver is
running. I could connect to the server from both Ubuntu 9.04 and from
WindowsXP with vncviewer. The connection is establish at each trial.
Up to now, there's no problem. Then, progressively, the screen
refreshing gets slower at client side. Finally, at the end of a minute
maybe less, the vncviewer screen freezes. What is interesting is that,
the client still goes on commanding the desktop with this frozen
screen, e.g. move/resize windows, start the main menu, anything. Did
somebody tried VNC on BeagleBoard? Any idea?

Thanks in advance

Caner Kömürlü

Shot in the dark: did you try -noxdamage?

Hi Jacob,
   I tried -noxdamage parameter, the result is the same. Thanks for
the advice.

Best regards