Accidentally Formatted BBB Usb Drive

So yea, I was a bit tired and I was formatting a flash drive for a friend and selected the wrong drive in Disk Utility and I formatted my BBB.

I tried to re-flash my emmc using a micro SD but it did not fix it, and I have no idea how to restore it…

When I connect it to my Mac, no usb drive appears anymore and it is not accesible through like it used to be (I dont even see it in the network interface list)…
If I plug it into an ethernet line from it to the router and tried to ssh into it but I get “ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host”

Unfortunately I don’t have a (working) USB keyboard right now, and when I boot it does show a login screen.

Any thoughts?

just to make sure…

you downloaded the latest BeagleBone Black (eMMC flasher)
you unzipped this file and got an .img file
you wrote this .img file on a micro-SD-card with Image writer for windows or a similar program for your platform (not just copied?)
you put the micro SD-card in the BBB
you held the “boot” button while powering the BBB up until the LEDs started flashing. then released the button
you waited about 45-60 minutes until all 4 LEDs were lit continuously
you powered the BBB down and removed the SD-card
you re-powered your BBB

After all this, the BBB did not work?

solution, read the “update to the latest software” tab on the “getting started” page and redo the process step for step.
this will work.


And to make sure some more:


Reflashing eMMC should work, since that’s how you upgrade OS.

What you reformatted accidentally is actually first partition of eMMC. Reflashing will overwrite the entire eMMC.