Acoustic signal processing with BBB

Hello, I have to acquire and process acoustic signals of about 7-12Hz (very low frequencies). Additionally, I might have to get 1kHz signals too, but the first range will be the most important. I intend to get those signals through a MEM microphone (so it can get those frequencies better), and since most Soundcards discard those low frequencies (and acquisition boards are pretty expensive), I was considering if this could be done with a BBB. Both possibilities I am considering include processing the signals inside the BBB (spectral analysis, storage and extract the data to a PC) or either just acquiring the signals and exporting them to the computer directly without modifying them to be processed there later.

Would that be doable with this board?

BBB has seven analog inputs (0 to 1V8, max. 200 kHz, header P9, pin 33 to 40). Check out the examples of libpruio. Especially oszi should be interesting.