Ad-hoc network together with access point


I am using five BeagleBone Black with 2 WiFi antenna connected to each BeagleBone Black.

On each BeagleBone Black, one of the WiFi antenna is configured for an ad-hoc network, the other WiFi antenna is configured as an access point to allow mobile devices to join the ad-hoc network via the access point.

The result is that the mobile devices can get associated to the access point and access a web server in the ad-hoc network.

However, the mobile device of Access Point 1 (AP1) is not able to communicate with the mobile devices of Access Point 2 (AP2).

I have add in the route of the subnet of mobile devices of AP2 in AP1 and vice versa.

Did anyone has experience in configuring ad-hoc network together with access point on a single BeagleBone Black?

Is it possible?

Thank you.


Does this help ?

Im assuming you’re using Debian wheezy . . .

If you’re on Arch Linux ARM you can use this and modify to your needs.

Hi all ,

I am sorry.I know this is not going to help , but i had a query.How did you establish an ad-hoc connection between the beaglebone and your laptop.I use a macbook and the beagle distribution is debian.I tried using wicd-curses but that did not help.Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Vivak Katla

2 WiFi antenna with in 1 adapter ???

How do you config it ?

And . if you mean use 2 adapters , maybe you can show ifconfig -a result

As my previous experience .

brctl addif br0 wlan0 wlan1

if bridge mode dont work , try router mode


iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o wlan0

find more result from google to fit your case .