ADC data corrupt at high voltage

i am doing project in pocket beagle board, i am taking data from adc of voltage current and calibrating data and storing data in esa file. when i apply more than 400 voltage to the adc then date get currupt , can anyone provide me solution of that?


I think the ADC only accepts 1.8v max. 400v seems very excessive in this regard.


well you would need to elaborate a bit more than you have done.

when i apply more than 400 voltage to the adc

I assume you are not apply 400V.

Where is the input signal coming from ?
What is the input voltage range being fed to the ADC ?
Have you got any external filtering/buffering ?

An ADC can only give you a reading within a certain range, for example a 12 bit ADC will give 0 - 4095 output. Depending on the reference voltage for the ADC this can then be converted into a real voltage.

Noise can cause the ADC values to jump around quite a bit so you will need to add some software filtering.

What sort of corruption are you seeing exactly ?

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I sincerely hope that isn’t 400V as you will have to take LOTS of precautions. At that level, even leakage can be quite disastrous.

And, as people have pointed out, the ADC is 1.8V max and seems to be quite sensitive about that. Applying 3.3V generally blows the ADC, IIRC.

I am using AD7606 6 channel ADC

See above, as it was not clear from your initial post… 400V?


I test ADC yesterday and i found that there is no issue with ADC , there is issue while writing esa file when i apply more than 400 voltage then some data in esa file get corrupted
is there any solution for that?

Obviously you have some special hardware to handle such a high voltage but just saying there is corruption is no help.

So the data is corrupt, in what way ?
Are other files getting corrupt ?
Are there any other issues with the running board ?

For starters try this.

Modify your software so that is does not write anything out but works as normal otherwise.

In a terminal try creating a file by doing something like

dd if=/dev/zero of=out.dump bs=1M count=500

This should create a 500M file with 0 in it.

Is this file getting corrupted also ?

It it is ok, the problem is most likely with your software that is creating the file.

If this file is also getting corrupted, then I would take a long hard look at your hardware, because as far as I have seen no one is experiencing this. However you may be the only hooking up a pocket beagle to some seriously high voltages.

What sort of environment is this ?
What sort of EMC noise is there ?