ADC on the BeagleBone?

Is there a well-established way to interface with the ADC on the beaglebone?

Is there a driver in the kernel for it already? If so, where does it show up?

If a driver needs to be written for the ADC, where could I find the documentation on the ADC "chip" (OK, core) it uses?

I'll probably end up using an external ADC anyway-- I'd rather not injecting scary analog input directly into the little thing's CPU-- but in case I do end up finding a use for the internal ADC, I'm curious how to do it.



Thanks. I ended up finding the documentation on the ADC buried inside the touchscreen section of the databook:

The ADC appears to have been intended to sense input from resistive touchscreens.

I had been googling for "beaglebone ADC"; apparently I had been using the wrong keywords. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, that's a great tutorial: