Add 8GB 8bit nand support along with 4GB on chip eMMC on BBB with Kernel 3.8.13


I am new to BBB. The BBB has 4GB emmc support which is using GPMC pins. I want to add another 8GB 8bit Nand flash using GPMC. We are using same data bus of GPMC data. The difference is only control signal.
We are using MT29F64G08CFACA chip for 8GB NAND flash.

Is there any support of multiple Nand flash using GPMC in linux kernel 3.8.13 ?
If yes, How can add 8GB Nand flash along with 4GB eMMC in linux kernel device tree?

Thanks in Advanced,

The eMMC does not use GPMC. It use the MMC function on those pins. Only one device can be supported on those pins. If you want 8G your best bet would be to replace the 4G part with an 8G part.


I know that MMC1 and GPMC uses same data pins. So that we cant access MMC1 and GPMC pins at same time.
Is there a way to access MMC1 and GPMC sequentially from linux kernel ?
If yes, Please provide me input in kernel driver.

If no, then can you please provide me approach to set up MMC1 and GPMC’s sequential access from kernel

I know of no such way. As linux uses device tree which sets the pin functions, it can only be changed at boot time. You may need to create a special driver.

I know of no such driver.


You can setup multiple devices and swap the pinmux at runtime. See cape-universal for an example. If you have a block storage driver running against either device, then it wouldn’t work to use the other device without serious driver modification.

The list won’t just do design work for free, but commenting on patches is a real possibility and there are many people on the list who do professional consulting.

Just make sure you do not corrupt one or the other when doing this.