adding 3 I2C ports on BBB

Dear All,

I know that there are already 2 I2C ports on the BBB, but I would need at least five of them :
I am accessing sensors that use all the time available. I want thus to be able to
access in parallel to 5 of them on five different I2C ports and process the data on the BBB.

Is there a way to convert general GPIO to I2C ports in software ?



You can connect several devices on 1 i2c bus ,just make sure with different slave device address

GPIO emulate is too slow .and hard to control .

You can use the i2c-gpio driver

It’s a quick and dirty way to give you some extra i2c ports so you can focus on developing your app.

Probably not the ideal solution for production - but if the Bone is just the dev platform than your final product can use the additional i2c ports from the chip. And if you are deploying from the bone, then you always have the option of adding additional hardware to get more i2c connections