Adding a new network driver in the android source code

Hi all,

  I am porting android on beagle board using embinux guideline. I want
to enable ethernet on the board with the infineon powered usb to
ethernet LAN adapter.

  I found out that the driver required for this is "ADMtek 851X USB-to-
LAN adapter", which is not an inbuilt one in the android kernel
source .I could not get the driver itself. Can anyone please provide
the link for the driver?

  Somewhere in the googled arround and found 8513 driver (not sure it
will work) and place that in the /$(src)/kernel/drivers/net/usb/
folder to point to "USB network adapter" in the make menuconfig

  But when I actually run "make menuconfig", i cannot see this driver
in the USB network adapter list. So is there any configuration
required to modify for appearing this driver in the list??

  Please help....