adding a recipe to oe bitbake

I have been struggling with a oe/bitbake issue. I wanted to add an other .bb to the image file.
I have tried multiple ways but always end up at the same spot. I have created a new file which includes my bb
I edited the to include the
Once built I find that everything built fine and the new recipe was built but was not loaded into the XXXX-rootfs-image.tar,gz.
If I look into the image directory for the bb file I see the compiled application in usr/sbin.
I have tried this with my own .bb file and net-snmp bb file which comes with the default oe-layersetup installation with the same result.
Did I not edit a file or miss some other required step?

When you say “I edited the to include the”, do you mean that you added your application to the “IMAGE_INSTALL” section of the file?